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Chillicothe Kitchen & Bath has a showroom where you can view a wide variety of quality products.  This will help fine tune the look of your kitchen or bathroom.  Then, we can begin to put together a plan to carry out your design.  Our team is familiar with a variety of product lines, decorative fixtures and hardware. With our professional leadership and design eye, we can assist you in narrowing your choices for obtaining the nicest look at the greatest value. We also use 20-20 design software to create your project in the virtual world. We can create 3D renderings to introduce options for your new space. Because we design and install our products, we understand the level of detail required to create your custom kitchen or bathroom.

Prepare for your consultation and please bring the following:

1. Your floor plan

We can guide you in determining your best options based on the layout of your home.

2. Your ideal budget

Try to establish a range that you wish to spend.  Even if you are working with a builder, discuss your allowance and we’ll keep that in mind while making suggestions.

3. Your inspiration

Bring pictures, magazines and catalogs that show examples of what you like. There are so many options for every taste and every budget. Chillicothe Kitchen and Bath can help move your project in the right direction one step at a time.

We will together discuss the best approach in handling your project while carefully helping you select materials for your job.  If you have a builder, we will show you options that meet your needs or your builder’s specifications. If you select items that do not meet those specifications, we will contact your builder to determine if any additional labor costs will result. Once your list is finalized, we will take it from there!

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