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At a lower cost per square foot, laminate surfaces are made of layers of paper covered in a thin veneer and affixed to particleboard.  Manufactured in sheets, laminate can be cut to any specifications and installed with the most ease. Maintenance is a breeze because household cleaners won’t damage the finish and they never require resealing. The main concern is that over time, the paper veneer is apt to get scratched and worn and will eventually need to be replaced. Only the top layer is finished so generally it can’t be used with such stylish options as under-mount sinks.

Natural Stone

Granite, marble, limestone, and soapstone are all formed inside the earth under enormous amounts of heat and pressure. Once turned into countertops, they are particularly resilient. For this and other reasons, all of these natural slabs are increasingly popular, but granite is the gem despite its price.  Like other stone varieties, granite is a style champ, delivering a certain sleek look and sturdy feel that you just don’t get from covered particleboard. In terms of durability, the ultra-dense granite performs best out of all the rock countertops. Still, all are porous, and therefore susceptible to stains and bacteria, so you generally have to seal and reseal.  Granite requires the installation of a professional.

Engineered and Solid Surfaces

These man-made products have the look and strength of natural stone without the upkeep. The engineered variety consists of pieces of quartz embedded in an epoxy resin. Solid-surface toppers, sold under names like Corian and Swanstone, are 100 percent synthetic and contain no natural stone. As a result, solid surface isn’t as tough as engineered, but it does have an advantage.  Its composition is consistent from top to bottom, so you can sand away minor burns or cuts. Both are readily available and cost about the same as real stone.  This also requires professional installation.


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